COVID-19 = Creativity

I’m coming out of the fog of disillusionment and confusion that coronavirus has brought in and I’m realizing that this challenge is again only the wrapping paper to the gift of new opportunities.

We’re going to have to get creative. Some places are already taking the lead on this in the service and restaurant space. Others are leaning into generosity and philanthropy to move the needle in an otherwise standstill moment. There are others who haven’t even hit their stride yet and that’s where I get excited about this whole situation.

There are some of you who are about to bring forth a new level of breakthrough, new innovations, and fresh perspectives that will unlock opportunities for your business. Could be from the bottom-up or from the top-down or somewhere in the middle but new ideas are bound to come forward in this season.

My encouragement to anyone in leadership – do not be discouraged. Everything you know is probably pointing to things getting worse before they get better, but you’ve never been here in this specific circumstance before so you can’t expect to know what will come next, so look for hope. Hope in the new idea, the new way of doing things, the new opportunity. You have to work for it, sacrifice to earn it, and listen to receive it, but there is something for you. Just be open the the creative approach.

There are already cuts and jobs being lost and that’s a pretty hard situation to be in but if you have the chance to resist the lay-off and the pay cuts do it. Explore new things in this time.

Here’s my thoughts:

  1. Listen and receive new ideas
  2. Ask new questions to explore new opportunities
  3. Talk to everyone, keep conversations going, different perspectives preferred
  4. Take care of valuable long over due projects
  5. Consider what will make you more effective and efficient when business returns. 

The tide has receded, but it will return. How will you use this time to restore, rebuild, and tweak your ship to go even further into the waters when the tide returns, because it always returns.