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StorehouseOne is working to provide intentional help where we can through our resources, time, and talents. If you have a need or would like to be involved with helping others please let us know how we can help you.

Business Assistance / Professional Services

  • Websites – Assistance in helping your business operate digitally

  • Marketing – digital marketing to reaching new customers during “Stay At Home” initiatives

  • Other services – Let us know how you can help.

Our requirement to be listed – providing discount services or your helping employ the displaced workforce

Community Service

  • Food & Groceries – How can we help you or your loved ones get all they need safely

  • Acts of Service – Lawn mowing, home care, oil changes, whatever you might need we’ll do our best to help

  • Donations – help getting connected with those who need it most from financial to food. 

We will partner with local non-profits and agencies to provide the safest and reliable service.

Tell Us What You Have to Give or Need to Receive.


store·house  /ˈstôrˌhous/    noun
an abundant supply or source : repository