Saturday, March 23rd

Hop on out to a neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt! Join us for a day of family fun for all ages as we search for colorful Easter eggs and enjoy a potluck with everyone on the street.


  • Starts at 3:00 PM 
  • Open to All Ages 
  • Egg Hunt may span multiple yards depending on how many kids RSVP 
  • All families should meet in front of the Black’s home at 151 Terrace Villa
  • Donate Eggs for the Egg Hunt at 160 Terrace Villa in the bin marked “for egg drop” starting on March 16th.


  • Starts at 4:30 PM 
  • Open to Everyone 
  • Hot Dogs and Hamburgers provided
  • Home Address ends with an Odd Number – please bring a side dish 
  • Home address ends with an Even Number – please bring a dessert 
  • Bring your own drinks. 
  • If sunny, we will potluck in Elizabeth Hoy Park (by the whale)
  • If rainy, we will potluck at the Black’s garage, along with heaters & fire pits


RSVP & Let us know who is coming!

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