Over the last seven years, my clients have trusted StorehouseOne to provide hosting and support services on their websites. In 2018, my family and I found out that we’d be welcoming our fourth child into the family in 2019. With a growing family and a continued commitment to providing the best service possible it was easy to see I would not be able to upkeep a high standard of service.

That is why I sought out a partnership with Launch Runner. Launch Runner has been providing hosting, SEO, online marketing, content creation, and web support since 2012. They use the same tools (WPEngine & WPMUDev) that I utilized, which has made for an easy transition. They have an incredible reputation and their team has the same level of commitment that I always tried to bring to my clients. Launch Runner is based in Dayton/Springfield with a support team in Minneapolis. Please feel free to reach out to their team via email or a call to Dana.

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