Building websites since 2010 for entrepreneurial startups to multi-million dollar companies.

Budget Friendly

This is a side hustle so each website is a passion project that is high quality at a low price.

Build A Website.

We work to build you a beautiful, functional and affordable website.

Pay For It.

30% of your payment goes directly to helping non-profits.

Make A Difference.

Your gift helps non-profits get beautiful, functional and FREE.

The Front Door
Of Your Business

A website is a virtual storefront for your business. What does your virtual storefront communicate? How your audience experiences your website will determine whether or not you ever get to experience them as a customer.

88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a site after a bad experience, let alone contact them or engage with them. A Stanford University study showed that 75% of people judge the credibility of a company based on the design of its website alone.

Web design professionals recommend redesigning and tweaking a website every 3 to 5 years to stay relevant. StorehouseOne can help you keep your website looking beautiful, relevant and user-friendly. We focus on crafting experiences through websites that reflect the experience the business offers.

What Are You Looking For?

Which description below best represents how you feel about what you want in a website design process?

Let Me Do It.

I want to build my own WordPress website all I need are some themes, tools and plugins to help me make it happen. I’d like to take advantage of occasional input from a professional along the way.

I Need Some Help.

I want to be involved in building the website and would like to even learn a little bit so I can manage it on my own, but would like the building to be done by a professional.

I Want Everything.

I want to very little in the process and let the professionals do their thing in the website. A little more money for no stress to make this happen is not a problem.



First things first we’ll set up a time to meet via local coffee shop or video chat to find what you want, what you need and create a plan to get there.


Our process requires teamwork and solid communication. We’re here to help you communicate your story – you’re the author and we’re the editor.


We want to build websites that last. We are always here to make sure that your site is up and running even after we launch.



A plan for the layout of the site is created. This means a rough sketch of design and a good idea of what content will be needed.


We build and and design using our expertise to bring forth a work of art in your website. Two rounds of revisions for your input and we create a final product.


Call your mother. The site is going live. One of the most exciting parts of the website is the launch and getting to share it with the world.


All Included


In one way or another I’ve had the opportunity to work with all these organizations on all these projects. Some of them directly and others in partnership with other creative agencies. Feel free to check them out.

Start Building or Redesigning Your Website Today!




Includes Basic Licensing & Plugins

Our pricing model is meant to be approachable and value-rich. I’m not making a living off this so I can keep my hourly price low and still be rewarded for my time while you receive an amazing end result. I will take on projects within the budget range of 1K to 5K. If you’re interested in a more complex site with a larger budget I would be happy to introduce you to a few of my friends who run larger agencies.



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