WordPress Tools for Building Beautiful Sites in 2021

Every website should look beautiful in 2021. There is absolutely no reason to have a website that looks pitiful with all the tools available today. As a freelance web designer, I quickly learned that it was always worth investing in the right tools when building websites. Finding these tools used to be difficult because the landscape was different and oftentimes plugins wouldn’t have great support or have missing functionality requiring more plugins increasing the risk and complexity. Today building a beautiful website with excellent functionality has been greatly simplified as the tools and plugins are far more advanced and often supported by teams of developers. Here are a few of our favorites:


Every site we’ve built since at least 2018 has utilized Elementor as a core plugin for our web design. Described simply Elementor is a WordPress site builder that utilized drag and drop modules to build pages and posts. The Elementor tool was developed by Elementor, Ltd, an Israeli company that provides web development services, and provides a free and Pro version. This feature-rich page builder features tools for layouts, typography, colors, animation, and interaction elements, and offers built-in design system capabilities. All of this while still maintaining and producing clean code. The downside to this plugin is that it can slow sites down however we’ve realized that with all our projects this has never been an issue and the benefits far outweigh the cons.


The efficiency playmaker is WunderWP which is an Elemntor module that allows page elements and modules to be saved and reused throughout a website. When it comes to building pages or utilizing page elements throughout a website this plugin is a massive time saver that also brings a refreshing emphasis and accountability to consistency throughout a website.


The developers at Crocoblock are creating endless opportunities for designers to push the needle with their WordPress site designs. JetEngine, JetElements, JetBlog, JetMenu, and all the Jet products provide are layered on the Elementor plugin to provide feature-rich UX and design functionality that designers love to utilize on their websites. From custom menus to post types to bookings to eCommerce, there is a JetPlugin to fit every need.

These tools sum up the ones we utilize across every project to help create beautiful websites that create delightful digital experiences for our customers. We call websites the digital front door to any business and we like to create memorable first impressions through design and aesthetics that match the company. In a time where commerce has moved online more than ever before it has become imperative that businesses ensure their websites are providing a great user experience to their customers.

StorehouseOne specializes in taking old, raggedy websites and turning them into brilliant digital experiences that compel customers and drive business. Specifically focused on redesign projects allows projects to be built efficiently and cost-effectively driving down costs and timelines. Get a fresh coat of paint on your business’s digital front door with a refreshed website today!